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Disney Construction started in 2005 with a core team of construction experts with decades of experience. At Disney, we believe in taking a collaborative approach; with project owners, strategic partners, and our own employees.

Our employee-driven culture and strategy has lead to fast growth and many successful projects. As part of this approach, Disney offers a mentorship program to all employees, where everyone is encouraged to grow and develop their craft. We believe it is important to learn new skills, share our knowledge, and challenge ourselves and each other.

Each member of the team brings integrity, innovation and a sense of ownership to every new project.


At Disney, we believe in safety before all else. Beyond offering a top tier safety program, we embrace a strong safety culture. This is evident in our trainings, the technologies we utilize, and in our transparency in sharing real-world lessons with the team. We encourage and empower every employee to stop work if they see any hazards. The job never comes before personal safety. Every member of our team is considered a safety leader — from operators and laborers to engineers and managers.

Safety is ingrained in all of our projects, from estimating to implementation. Our top priority is to make sure that every member of our team gets home safely at the end of each day.


Our team is always looking for technology innovations in the construction industry. From new materials and equipment to software and hardware, we encourage employees to seek out new ways of doing things. We invite trial and error so that we can constantly evolve and improve, which in turn can help improve communications, mitigate risk and lower costs.

Our people are leaders in technical knowledge. We offer training on the latest construction technologies, and encourage our people to explore the boundaries of what’s available.

Our People

Meet some of the faces of the Disney team.

Richard Disney

Richard Disney


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Tim Bennett

Tim Bennett

Project Sponsor

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Partners & Memberships

We believe collaboration is the key to a successful project. Here are a few of our partners.