10 Must-Have Christmas Gifts Any Construction Worker Will Love

Posted by Construction World, November, 2018

Dual Port USB Car Charger

With construction workers managing incredibly busy and unpredictable schedules, many of them are likely spending plenty of time on the road or onsite. All this time spent away from home or the office can leave your smartphone without any battery life. A dual port USB car charger, like the Aukey CC-S1 is the perfect solution. Great as a gift add-on or stocking stuffer, this car charger transforms a regular cigarette lighter into 2 powerful USB ports that can have construction workers or technicians charge their mobile phone and work tablet, while on the go.

Bosch Bare Tool FL12 12-Volt LED Cordless Work Light

Despite advancements in construction equipment, many workers are still forced to deal with bulky and heavy flashlights. For more traditional construction worker, how about giving them a modern technological gift, like a Bosch Bare Tool FL12 12-Volt LED Cordless Work Light. The LED light allows them to have a long and durable lighting, late into the evening. The 12 volts will help them see from a distance, with a great runtime of 6 hours with a 2.0Ah battery and 12 hours with a 4.0 Ah battery. The run time is even doubled when the dim function is used.

Rite in the Rain Mechanical Pencil

Often times, everyday tools and gadgets are overlooked, like pencils for example. Rather than using traditional pencils that easily break, gift someone a mechanical pencil that will last much longer. The Rite in the Rain Mechanical Pencil is a great stocking stuffer that can help construction workers on everyday projects.

Coffeeboxx Single Serve Portable Coffee Maker

Having hot, fresh coffee throughout the day is a common problem among construction workers. Portable coffee makers, like a Coffeeboxx Single Serve is a great solution, especially when onsite or on the road. The machine is crush proof, dust proof, impact and water resistant, allowing it to sustain any busy construction site. Get this gift for the coffee-loving construction worker in your life.

The Stanley Cooler and Thermos Combo

Working outside – whether in the cold or heat – can do a real damage on packed lunches. The Stanley Cooler and Thermos Combo however will ensure that lunches are kept cool or warm. Rather than spending lunches at restaurants, or fast food joints, construction workers can have a home cooked meal every day, kept fresh in this innovative cooler and thermos combo.

Hardcore Hammer

This gift is ideal not only for professional construction workers, but for all-around handy men as well. The Hardcore Hammer is another terrific option that can provide construction workers with a reliable everyday tool that can do the function of two different hammers. The hammer combines a finish and framing hammer in one package. Perfect for home small home renovations or emergencies, the Hardcore Hammer is great for any construction enthusiast, professional or not!

Florida Coast Leather Trim Tool Tote

Construction workers and contractors are always on the move. Along with jumping from one location to another or running from jobsite to jobsite, comes the need to bring their essential tools. The Florida Coast leather Trim Tool Tote is a lightweight and sleek alternative to bulky tool boxes. Not only is this a stylish option, but incredibly durable as well.

Bosch Bluetooth Jobsite Radio

A Bluetooth jobsite radio can work as the perfect companion to an onsite break room or designated rest area. Often times, construction teams are sent to work on projects in a variety of places. A portable radio can be used during breaks, or even while working.

Little Giant Multi-Use Ladder

The Little Giant Multi-Use Ladder is another great option for construction DIY lovers, or for someone who works in a smaller scale construction company. This adjustable ladder is not only safe, but is also versatile and extremely portable. The Little Giant model provides an outstanding 24 different types of ladders in one, including an A-Frame, Staircase, 90 Degree and Extension to name a few.

Milwaukee Heated Jacket

For those working in the cold, the Milwaukee Heated Jacket can keep workers warm, which also can help boost productivity. With Carbon Fiber Heating Technology, custom developed materials were used to maximize durability and flexibility which surpass traditional fabrics. Perfect for the upcoming winter, the Milwaukee Heated Jacket will be much appreciated by any construction worker dealing with the elements.