Devils Slide Bridge Project

Location: San Mateo County, CA
Project Scope: Design and construct bridges

Disney was contracted by Caltrans to design and build the Devils Slide Bridges on CA-1. As our flagship project, we were able to showcase our complex engineering abilities, along with special attention to the design of the bridge for aesthetics. The work entailed: cast-in-place concrete, construction of segmental bridges, excavation, nearly 4,000 feet of elaborate barrier and bicycle rail, complex architectural rock finishes.

Unique Challenges: The bridge is 120 feet high over an environmentally sensitive area. Work was completed without citations or incident. Access road needed to be built to site and scheduling constraints.

Laurel Street Bridge

Location: San Diego, CA
Project Scope: Seismic retrofitting for Laurel Bridge

Disney Construction was contracted to replace corroded steel and unsound concrete, as well as seismically retrofit the Laurel Bridge which is over one hundred years old. The work entailed: spall repairs, internal shear wall construction with horizontal and vertical prestressing, reconstruction of expansion and intermediate crown joints at arches, deck replacement, new interior and exterior lighting, drainage, pier grating, access ladders, and catwalks inside the piers and the superstructure.

Unique Challenges: Accelerated timeline for 100 year anniversary of bridge, vertical stressing which is uncommon, confined space to work.

Jerrold Avenue Bridge Replacement

Location: San Francisco, CA
Project Scope: Remove and build railroad bridge

Disney was contracted to replace a historic 100 year-old railroad bridge that had reached the end of its life and no longer met seismic safety requirements. The work entailed: building concrete structures, unique cast-in-place construction, reconstruct and regrade railroad tracks on the bridge structure.

Unique Challenges: Removing and replacing four million pound railroad bridge in a single seven-hour shift.