Putah Creek Bridge Replacement

Location: Solano County / Winters, CA
Project Scope: Refurbished bridge foundation

Disney was contracted to work on the foundation of the Winters Road bridge as part of a joint venture between Solano County and the City of Winters for a $12.2 million dollar infrastructure improvement project to replace an aging historic concrete arch bridge. This project also improved lighting, pedestrian access and enhanced viewing of Putah Creek. The work entailed: replacing the bridge foundation.

Unique Challenges: Drilling 90' deep shafts in a challenging environment.

Caltrain San Francisco Bridges

Location: 22nd / 23rd St. and Paul Avenue, San Francisco
Project Scope: Remove & replace three bridges

Disney Construction was contracted to replace three bridges to ensure the safety of Caltrain passengers and the local community. The work entailed: replacement of the middle support beams, retrofitting abutments to support the new structure, upgrading historic water systems.

Unique Challenges: The center bent on each bridge went down forty to seventy feet in the ground right next to the train tracks, requiring special shoring techniques.

Coliseum Way Bridge Seismic Retrofit

Location: Coliseum Bridge, Oakland, CA
Project Scope: Seismic retrofitting for bridge

Disney Construction was contracted to seismically retrofit the Coliseum Way Bridge at the entrance to the Oakland Coliseum. The bridge was retrofitted in segments so that it could remain serviceable throughout the length of the project. The work entailed: extensive planning and scheduling, select demolition, CISS Piles.

Unique Challenges: Work was conducted over an environmentally sensitive creek and tidal area.