Highway 101 Willow Road

Location: Menlo Park, CA
Project Scope: Reconfigure US-101 / Willow Road interchange

Disney Construction and partner O.C. Jones & Sons are changing the existing “full cloverleaf” interchange with a “partial cloverleaf.” The work entails: replacing the aging bridge with a new precast girder structure, building the bridge in two phases, demo of existing bridge, building two outer bridges, switching traffic, building inner bridge.

Unique Challenges: Tight schedule for A + B project, minimizing impact to local residents and logistics to maintain traffic flow.

Highway 395 Topaz

Location: Mono County, CA
Project Scope: Realignment of highway

Disney was contracted to straighten out two dangerous curves on US-395, which eliminated a safety hazard for motorists. By realigning the two curves of this highway the aesthetic line of sight was improved. The work entailed: building two retaining walls, hillside degradation repair and stabilization, installing rock protection.

Unique Challenges: Accelerated schedule, live traffic on highway, working in night shifts, elevation (6,000 feet) and inclimate weather.

Posey and Webster Street Tubes

Location: San Francisco Bay Area, CA
Project Scope: Tunnel demolition

Disney was contracted by the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) to demolish two immersed tunnels between Oakland and Alameda as part of a larger project to seismically retrofit the tunnels. The work entailed: removing concrete from tunnels, coordination with Caltrans.

Unique Challenges: Work could only be completed in one tunnel at a time, detouring traffic, all work was completed at night to reduce impact on traffic flow.