RSA South Field Drainage Improvement

Location: International Terminal, San Francisco Airport
Project Scope: New storm drain pump station

Disney Construction was the first in a three-part RSA Program. We were contracted to build a new pump station as part of a larger plan to create more runway in the future, while improving drainage and safety. The work entailed: constructing new pump station, demolishing existing structures, installing new catch basins and manholes, installing 36” and 72” diameter RCP, constructing a large detention basin, and installing pump and electrical infrastructure.

Unique challenges: Old facility with a high groundwater table, many unknown utilities were encountered. All work was done at the live airport.

Highway 50 South Lake Tahoe

Location: South Lake Tahoe, CA
Project Scope: Improving highway drainage

Disney was contracted to set up a new drainage system on US-50 due to runoff originally draining directly into the lake, creating an environmental problem. The work entailed: building a series of check dams, installing sand filters and 40,000 linear feet of drain pipe on both sides of the highways, major landscaping including curb, gutter, sidewalk, shoulder repairs, handicap ramps, electrical work and new asphalt overlay.

Unique Challenges: Working alongside a highway, weather and traffic control restraints.