SMD1 Sewer Conveyance Pump Station

Location: Placer County, CA
Project Scope: Build a pump station

Disney Construction was contracted to consolidate wastewater treatment in the first part of a three-part project for the Mid-Western Placer Regional Sewer Project. The work entailed: completion of pump station, odor control facility, emergency containment basins, MCC and standby generator, modifications of headworks, site grading, and yard piping.

Unique challenges: Use of new, large pumps that needed to pump up to ten miles away, tight timeline to upgrade pumps or pump around them.

Dyer Reservoir South Bay Aqueduct Enlargement

Location: Livermore, CA
Project Scope: Build canal and concrete structures

Disney was contracted to build a canal as part of the State Water Project (SWP) to enlarge the reservoir in order to receive water from the South Bay Pumping plant at night during ‘off-peak’ hours. The unique design allows the water to flow to Bay Area communities by gravity, resulting in cost savings to the state and to consumers. The work entailed: building all concrete structures and the canal.

Unique Challenges: Building unique and complicated concrete structures.

Knights Landing Outfall Gates

Location: Colusa Basin Drain
Project Scope: Constructing positive fish barriers

Disney Construction was contracted to make improvements to the Knights Landing Outfall Gates and maintain outflows and water surface elevations. This was part of an improvement action to protect salmon and prevent them from entering the Colusa Basin Drain, from which they can’t escape. The work entailed: constructing a positive fish barrier and new concrete wing walls, installation of a metal picket weir, and riprap placement.

Unique Challenges: Working in an environmentally sensitive area.