These are the principles that we believe in. We are builders first. We take a unique approach to civil construction projects — one that requires creativity, top-level engineering and insight. We understand that infrastructure is what connects us all; to our jobs, to our families, and to each other. We take pride in enhancing our communities through the quality of our work. We believe forward progress is the key to success. We challenge ourselves, and each other. We stay on the cutting edge of technology. We strive to be the best we can be.

This is what makes us unique. We are more than just a construction company. We are Disney.

We build world class projects by delivering exceptional value to our clients, providing the greatest opportunity to our people, and sharing in our success. We believe in safety before all else, honoring our commitments, and performing at the highest level.

We will be an ENR Top 50 Domestic Heavy Contractor by 2033.


Disney consistently met the needs of this important and complex project. We appreciate Disney’s commitment to safety and working collaboratively to solve issues.

Director, Capital Program Delivery

Disney Construction should be commended on its commitment to partnering and communication. Numerous challenges such as working in close proximity to an environmentally sensitive area and various protected animal special required dedication to communication and partnering. This was vital to the success of this project, and should be a model for future contracts. The Department, and specifically this office look forward to any future projects we may have with Disney Construction.

Resident Engineer

Congratulations on this award. Disney has proven they can perform the most challenging work. Not many contractors can take on the challenges like Disney and perform in a professional manner. As they say the management sets the tone. From the professionalism and work ethic of your team I can surmise the tone set by management allows your teams to excel past expectations. I know this from experience when working with Disney on this project and hope to work with Disney again in the future.

Senior Structure Representative, I-5 NCC